Mentorship, networking, and education.

ATHENA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making STEM more accessible to female and non-binary high school students from low-income and under-resourced backgrounds.





Talaria, a summer program by ATHENA, is a fully free month-long remotely mentored research program for female or nonbinary identifying high school students (rising high school freshmen to rising college freshmen). Students from low-income or under-resourced backgrounds are paired with a professor and taught to conduct scientific research. Learn more about Talaria here.

Become an ATHENA member

ATHENA members have access to an exclusive, member-only Slack. They are the first to hear about new workshops and events, and they are prioritized over non-members during the Talaria application process. 

Membership requirements

1. Identify as female or non-binary.

2. Have an interest in a field of STEM.

3. Be a high school student, rising high school student, or rising college student.

4. Check the ATHENA Slack regularly.



ATHENA understands the importance of having valuable connections to industry professionals as well as peers with similar interests. ATHENA's workshops give students the unique opportunity to interact with experts in STEM fields of their interest while ATHENA's Slack provides to ATHENA members an exclusive platform to meet each other.



Many under-resourced high schools do not offer options for college-level classes such as AP or IB programs, and most high schools do not have in-depth STEM speciality classes. ATHENA aims to combat this by hosting regular Zoom workshops open to both members and non-members in vast range of STEM fields from marine biology to quantum physics.

Please note: You do not have to be a minority or from an under-resourced background to apply for membership. However, as helping these population is ATHENA's mission, priority will be given to minorities/under-resourced students during selective events. (Membership is not selective, and everyone who registers can become an ATHENA member.)


1. Click the "Become a

Member" button to the right and fill in the form.

2. Attend a brief one-on-one initiation meeting to learn more about ATHENA.

3. Join ATHENA's Slack and introduce yourself to the community.

How to apply