The Problem

70% of low-income schools lack the resources to provide their students with meaningful STEM experiences. 

US Department of Education

Low-income women make up less than than 30% of most undergrad STEM majors.

US Department of Education

Most minority-dominant schools lack the resources to give students a high-quality STEM education.

US Department of Education

Almost half of minority female students, especially Latino and African Americans, switch out of STEM majors.

US Department of Education

Many minority students grow up in low-income and enclosed communities. This leads to two key factors that deter them from the pursuit of a STEM career.


First, these communities provide students with very few adult role models who hold STEM careers. Studies have shown that, especially for female students, the presence of relatable role models is pivotal in providing individuals with the confidence and encouragement to pursue an academic goal.


Second, passionate students often lack the connections and experiences which are key for a student to successfully develop their passion and form a strong application for empowering higher education in the field of their interest. Community high schools often lack funding, and non-governmental organizations tend to overlook such communities due to language or financial barriers. 

Our Solution

To confront the lack of resources and opportunities, ATHENA provides participants with valuable connections to professionals in their field of interest through numerous adaptable methods including one-on-one mentoring, interviews, and guest speakers.

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To combat the absence of relatable role models, ATHENA aims to build a supportive community among its members who will be able to regularly meet and support each other under the program. This provides members with access to individuals with similar goals and struggles as themselves.