ATHENA believes in widely accessible STEM opportunities for women from disadvantaged backgrounds in high school.

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ATHENA regularly hosts Zoom panels and workshops on a vast variety of STEM and navigating high school topics. These events are typically an hour long and feature professional guest speakers. They are open to the public and completely free, so follow our Instagram to find out how to attend one!


ATHENA has several ongoing free programs which allow female high school students to further explore science collaboratively and remotely. Students are given the opportunity to work with both peers and professionals from all across the world. Programs are easy to apply to, and there's something for everyone! Check out what programs are open right now.


ATHENA understands that it is important to provide every student with a support system. Becoming an ATHENA member has many benefits such as access to the member-only Slack and weekly member meetings, being featured on our Instagram, and much, much more! The application process is quick and simple, and there are no member obligations! Find out how to become a member.