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Upcoming Opportunities


July, 2020

ATHENA is launching a Redbubble site with a large variety of stickers, pins, and more. All proceeds will go to CAMFED, an organization dedicated to helping marginalized and disadvantaged girls in Africa. Here is ATHENA's Redbubble page. 


JUNE, 2020

ATHENA hosts regular day-long Instagram takeovers from STEM professionals, girl leaders and role models, and other noteworthy individuals. Follow ATHENA's Instagram here.


JULY, 2020

The Technical Creators lecture series features speakers from various STEM industry careers to inform members of the alternate pathway away from academia. This series will last a week with 1-2 lectures per day. More information will soon be released on our Instagram.


JULY, 2020

In many majority world countries, women are limited to the role of the housewife and opportunities for women to pursue professional careers are hard to come by. The goal of Camp Xenia is to inspire girls in these countries to pursue STEM by seeing people like them succeed in what seems to be the impossible. Members do science activities via Zoom call with high school aged girls in third world countries. Sign up  here .


JULY, 2020

ATHENA's remote mentored summer research program: Each ATHENA member will be paired with a undergrad, grad, or postdoc with research experience and conduct a remote research project throughout the month of July. They will present their projects in August.



As the new school year begins and seniors start the college application process, members of the class of 224 from various prestigious universities will be recording podcast episodes with tips and advice, as well as a thorough description of their experience at their current institution.

Virtual Lecture Day: Archive

Virtual Lecture Day, Sunday, May, 24, was a day of nine guest speakers who hold faculty positions at various prestigious universities including Boston University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and Northwestern University. Each guest speaker gave a forty minute lecture followed by a Q&A session. Over 50 girls from all across the globe attended—see below to check out what they learned and what they thought!

 "I loved the diversity and how so many successful individuals from various fields were all brought together. In addition, many of the online workshops I've attended with other organizations have struggled with having internet trolls disrupting the program. So, I also think that an amazing job was done with the registration and with giving everyone the links."

"I enjoyed that the speakers were giving us exposures to different areas in STEM that I didn’t know about! I also enjoyed that we were able to ask the speakers questions and then contact them afterwards if we had more. I got to meet someone who currently works in the field I want to go to, and that was an amazing experience!"

"Overall, I just loved being able to reach out to people from various fields and make connections with other students."

"Thank you so much for organizing these series of lectures, it was great! They were super interesting, and they gave me a sense of reassurance about pursuing a career in STEM."

"The lectures were so informative. I love the opportunities that we were given, and the application of the subject."