College Insider Podcast

As the new school year begins and seniors go through the college application process, college professors and students from various prestigious universities have recorded podcast episodes with tips and advice, as well as a thorough description of their experience at their current institution. Listen in to the various interviews of both students currently attending college, and scientists who have graduated and successfully pursued a STEM career.

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1. Prof. Becky Lamason, attended Harrisburg Area Community College and Millersville U. 

2. Ms. Chinmayi Balusu, undergrad at Columbia U

3. Dr. Kerstin Perez, attended Columbia U

4. Dr. Reina Maruyama, attended Columbia U

5. Dr. Christie Chiu, attended MIT

6. Dr. Stavroula Hatzios, attended MIT

7. Ms. Christine Chesley, attended UMiami

8. Ms. Clara Chang, attended Barnard College (NY)

9. Ms. Demi Fang, attended Princeton U

10. Dr. Desiree Plata, attended Union College

11. Dr. Elizabeth Henske (M.D), attended Yale U

12. Ms. Maya Juman, attended Yale U

13. Ms. Emily Venable, attended Harvard U

14. Dr. Kanu Sinha, attended the Indian Institute of Technology Dehli

15. Dr. Kasey Bolles, attended Washington and Lee U

16. Dr. Katherine Siddle, attended Cambridge U

17. Prof. Katie Galloway, attended Berkley U

18. Dr. Ke Fang, attended University of Science and Technology of China

19. Ms. Laura Lewis, attended Duke U

20. Ms. Laurel DiSera, attended Concordia College

21. Dr. Lisa Piccirillo, attended Boston College

22. Ms. Mariel Young, attended Arkansas U

23. Dr. Mary Gehring, attended Williams College Massachussetts

24. Dr. Maureen Long, attended RPI College

25. Dr. Prerna Bhargava, attended Brandeis U

26. Dr. Robin Bell (ACU President), attended Middlebury College

27. Dr. Ruth Oliver, attended McKenna College

28. Dr. Saraswathi Venkatesh, attended Caltech U

29. Dr. Sigrid Nachtergaele, attended University of Chicago

30. Ms. Sophie Barton, attended University of Georgia

31. Dr. Stacy Malaker, University of Michigan

32. Dr. Taylor McAdam, attended Harvey Mudd College

33. Dr. Marynel Vázquez, attended Simon Bolivar University (Venezuela)

34. Dr. Vicki Ferrini, attended Colby college

35. Dr. Vivienne Baldassare, attended Hunter College

36. Dr. Claire E. White, attended University of Melbourne (Australia)