• Nora Sun

Tags: Columbia

Institution: Columbia University

Study: Major in biomedical engineering

High School Experience

I've been incredibly lucky to go to a school that had the resources to support all of my passions and ambitions, with people to match too. I've been able to grow and learn how to not only advocate for myself, but also become a leader for others. Honestly the things I disliked were how competitive the environment was, especially regarding the college process. I feel very lucky that I was able to get into my school, as I'd feel somehow less smart than my classmates had I not been accepted, even though I know that the college decision process is complicated and much more than just smarts. That said, that same competitive environment is what helped me focus on myself and what I wanted out of high school, which allowed me to grow even more.


All my APs were math/science focused with the exception of Spanish. Language is a passion of mine as well.


Standardized Testing


I did badminton team, and I lead a different club teaching people badminton on the off season too. That was like 10 hrs a week during the season. I was also the president of my school's National Honor society which really depended on the week, I also sang in an acapella group and concert choir where I was a section leader. I coded for a lab at a university near me.


I had my junior year English teacher write me a letter. We got pretty close throughout the year. I think the most important recommendation letter was from my AP Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher. She was also the sponsor for my school's NHS, which I was the president of, so she knew me really well. She also knew about my experience in research and was my sponsor for a program of advanced studies I participated in (basically independent study but you have to apply for the class at my school).



I'd probably say my research. In my applications, I really emphasized making my own opportunities inside and outside of school. Programs for internships or classes or research are expensive and hard to get into, so after being denied by some, I decided to just email some professors at nearby universities and ask if I could help out with their research. Having experience in my area of interest really helped me show admissions officers what I'm about




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