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Institution: Cornell

Study: Major in pre-med psychology

High School Experience

High school experience was a positive curve, meaning it got better for me as I adjusted. Learned that confidence was internal not external. Working out and wrestling helped me with that. Didn't enjoy cliques and how everyone was so polar and no discussion could be had unless it was two people in the middle, and if a group didn't like your opinion you’re outlasted throughout high-school by that group.


I took mainly AP tests and performed well. Usually I was pretty driven to get into college as that was my motivation.


4.4 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1490


I participated in multiple community service projects, mainly reconstruction and tutoring. I was also a wrestling captain. Spent a lot of time training for wrestling and studying but towards the end of high-school I spent more time with friends.


My relationships were good with my teachers I was close with a few of them including my Spanish teacher AP bio and AP spanish wrote my recommendations.


I did have a narrative theme. I used a funnel technique that started on a basic level and then reached out to a larger picture, in my case it was body confidence. Personally I think I was strong because I branched out to many areas.


Not only did I have a low income background, but I had a strong ACT score, GPA and extracurriculars, without sounding conceited ahaha.


Personally, I think I was strong because I branched out to many areas. Be as diverse as possible is my advice, also have something that makes you stand out, a singular factor makes a difference.




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