• Nora Sun

Tags: MIT

Institution: MIT

Study: Major in computer science and psychology

High School Experience

My high school experience was alright. Academically it was pretty easy, and I had a nice relationship with my teachers. The environment among the students at my school, however, was kinda toxic and competitive (due to a few individuals) so I mostly kept to my own social circles. but I'd say overall it was a positive experience


AP Calculus BC: 5

AP Computer Science A: 5

AP Physics 1: 5

AP Physics C: 5

AP Chemistry: 5

AP Chinese: 5

AP Euro: 5

AP US History: 5

AP Biology: 5

AP Spanish Language: 5

AP Economics: 5

AP Macro: 5

AP Micro: 5

AP Psychology: unknown

AP English Literature: unknown


4.58 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1580


Mainly orchestra stuff (principal flute), STEM competitions (science bowl captain, USACO, USABO, AMC/AIME), and research. All for 4 yrs except for research which was 3 yrs.


I had a good relationship but it wasn't super close. Looking back, I definitely would have tried to develop a closer relationship with my teachers outside of class.


There wasn't a general narrative, but I did repeatedly address research, coding, volunteering, and family.


I think my competition scores (2x AIME qual scores 5 and 7, AMC distinguished honor roll, USACO platinum, USABO national top 50) stood me out the most for MIT and CMU. I think my music supplement probably stood me out to Columbia.


I recommend honestly finding a way to meaningfully contribute to the community, try not to come off as pretentious in your essays, do competitions because they're fun but not because they're a golden ticket.





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