• Nora Sun

Tags: UC Berkeley

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Study: Major in molecular & cellular biology on a pre-med track, minor/double major in philosophy

High School Experience

I actually loved high school although I’m super excited to start college. I had a super rough time my junior year but looking back in glad things turned out the way that they were because it made me a stronger individual who is able to handle stress better. I became super involved in school spirit & the community my junior year which led to a lot more memories at games & assemblies.

Course choices

My academic interests included biology & math so I took more advanced science & math classes. I also liked history & took advanced courses as well. I knew I wanted to work in stem so a majority of my electives were stem based classes mixed with my grad reqs.


I took 11 AP classes total but only took 10 tests. World, calc AB, bio, physics, calc BC, APUSH, AP gov, CS and micro & macro. I scored all 5 except for macro or haven’t heard back from the tests. My school didn’t offer IB.


I got one B in AP calc during the first semester of my junior year. Everything else was an A.

Standardized Testing

I took the SAT and got a 1560. I took math 2 & bio subject test scoring 800 and 790 respectively.


I did debate for 4 years and held numerous leadership positions including treasurer & lead captain my junior & senior year. I participated in key club, soar, UNICEF, HOSA and class office. I joined the equity team my senior. I also was a part of my school orchestra for two years.


I had great relationships with the teachers that wrote my letter of recs. I chose teachers that I really got to know in junior/sophomore year or have had to multiple years.


I had a constant goal that I wanted to convey in my personal statement that was shown through my actions rather than told. All of it surrounded my personal growth and learning as an individual.


I did a lot of extracurriculars outside of school that not many people knew about including internships, leadership and starting multiple organizations. Although my stats were helpful, I think my essays and extracurriculars made me stand out at the colleges I applied to.


Don’t give up just because something bad happened or you think you can’t handle it. My junior year was filled with thoughts of doubt and insecurity because I didn’t think I could maintain my grades & continue everything else I was doing. I also lost someone very dear to me that year which took a huge toll on my mental health along with everything else. I ended up stepping down from certain clubs & activities and really focused on the things I was passionate about in & out of school.




This university has everything that I am looking for in academics & extracurriculars that I want to continue from high school.


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