• Nora Sun

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Institution: University of California Berkeley

Study: Major in mathematics

High School Experience

I actually really enjoyed my high school experience. I was very involved in the school with extracurriculars and sports. But what I didn’t like was the black community at my school, but through clubs and programs I was apart of at my school, more unity came and so forth.

Course choices

I’ve been an AP and honors student for all of high school and every year I’ve always taken at least 4 honors/AP classes. My main academic interest was mathematics so I took higher math classes in lower grades to get ahead.


AP Bio: 2

AP Lang: 2

AP Environmental Science: 3


AP calc AB: 5

AP stats: 3

AP calc BC: unknown

AP lit: unknown

AP gov: didn’t test

AP psych: didn’t test


4.7 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1320


My extracurriculars interests were school related, city related, volunteer, minority related, and sports. I was a part of my school's Associated Student Body for my senior year and I didn’t hold a “real” position but I was a rally host and planned our school rallies. I was a part of my black student union for four years (secretary) and a coordinator for my greatness within the program at my school (like a mentor/discussion/event based program directed towards black people) for 3 yrs. I was in a volunteer club called helping hands for a year (vp). I was a member of the riverside youth council (1 year). I was in volleyball for 2 years, I played basketball (co captain on JV 1 yr) and I ran track for four years.


All the teachers who wrote my recommendations were my favorite teachers. I had very close bonds with them outside of even being in their class.


I wouldn’t say there was an exact theme, but I recall some of my essays were on the basis of my life growing up with a not well educated mother and my struggle being a black girl/woman in predominantly white schools and neighborhoods. But if it wasn’t a serious question like such I was actually quite humorous with my essays to try to make myself a little more memorable. I also focused on my work with person of color and the black community at my school.


I think what made me a strong applicant was the achievements I made with helping the black community at my school. Through the clubs and programs and legislation I fought for/against at my school my peers and I were able to help achieve a stronger and more well informed black community at my school.


My advice is to be involved, not just being a part of a club or sport. Make sure you are doing the extra mile in whatever you do, even if you don’t have a board position be active as much as you can.


Low income, first generation


Berkeley wasn’t my top choice. It was actually UCLA, but I got rejected. But when I got my acceptance letter and started to actually meet people and get connected with people already attending I had no doubt that this school was where I was meant to be.

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