• Nora Sun

Tags: NYU

Institution: New York University

Study: Major in computer science or neural science on a pre-medicine track

High School Experience

What I liked about my high school experience was that although I was the only African-American/Hispanic in most of my classes, I didn’t feel any different from most people, and most of my teachers didn’t treat me any differently either. What I disliked is that some students would say racist stuff and not think anything of it.

Course choices

I was mostly focused on STEM courses, so around junior and senior year, that was a majority of my schedule; however, I joined more humanitarian-like clubs.


  • AP United States History (scored a 3)

  • AP Language and Composition (scored a 3)

  • AP Government (scored a 3)

  • AP Physics 1 (scored a 2)

  • AP Computer Science A (score not received)

  • AP Biology (score not received)

  • AP Statistics (score not received)

  • AP Psychology (score not received)

  • AP Calculus BC (score not received)

  • AP Spanish Language (score not received)

  • IB Psychology (scored a 4)

  • IB Spanish (only year 1)


4.07 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1320


  • Youth council (4 years, Ambassador)

  • Japanese Club (3 years, President)

  • National honor society (2 years)

  • BSU (1 year)

  • Kpop club (2 years, President)

  • Chinese club (3 years)

  • Spanish club (3 years)

  • Interact club (2 years)

  • Amnesty International (2 years, Secretary)

  • Multicultural club (1 year)

  • Water club (1 year)

  • JSA (1 year)

  • HOSA (1 year)


I had a great relationship with the teachers who wrote my letters of recommendation! I even got a school award from the teacher who wrote my main letter of recommendation! I had good relationships with almost all of my teachers.


My main theme was about overcoming any internal or external struggles so that I can be the best me I can be.


I think I did pretty well when it came to writing the essays. My grades and test scores were subpar, so I think the essays helped. I also believe some of my achievements and extracurriculars were pretty decent.


I would say to just work hard to achieve good grades and to take part in a few extracurriculars.


First generation


I’ve always wanted to go to NYU because the community is very diverse and I want to study away, and I feel like they have a really great program for that.

#NYU #First_generation

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