• Nora Sun

Tags: Georgia Tech

Institution: Georgia Tech

Study: Major in mechanical engineering with a concentration in automotive engineering

High School Experience

I really enjoyed high school overall. I played 2 varsity sports. The only thing I guess I didn't like were some of the people that went there.

Course choices

I took as many STEM classes as I could, we had an amazing engineering teacher and she provided a variety of engineering classes.


I took WHAP, APHG, APUSH, APCHEM, APBIO. I only passed AP human geography.


4.1 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1500

SAT Biology M: 740


I played basketball for 7 years 6th-11th, volleyball 4 years 9th-12th. For 8 years I volunteered at a car show and became a car judge. For 4 years in high school I was in Kentucky youth assembly and that’s a mock government for one year I was secretary for that. I was a summer counselor for 3 years at a STEM Camp and taught kids engineering topics and shop skills. Summer going into my senior year I participated in Governor's school for entrepreneurs and created a product and ended up winning the competition and I now have a business going along with a patent. My senior year I cooperated the STEM camp I worked for and helped my boss and I learned a lot about “engineering” from that as well.


All of my “important” teachers (basically any teacher in the STEM department) I had a good relationship with. My APUSH AND AP CHEM teachers wrote my rec letters.


I wrote my essays about having a patent and being a car judge.


I think all of the extracurriculars I did were very engineering based and pretty unique definitely made me stand out.


You need something to make you stand out and extracurriculars are everything.




Georgia Tech was my first choice.


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