• Nora Sun

Tags: UC Berkeley

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Study: Major in anthropology

High School Experience

I didn't like how my school had little to no support resources. Our counselors were only knowledgeable about trade schools, local community colleges, and lesser known colleges and universities. We didn't have that many class choices with AP. I liked the teachers we had.

Course choices

I took humanities courses. I took them because I knew I was going to major in anthropology and that's just what I was interested in.


AP Bio, AP HUG, Apush, AP Art History, AP Calc AB, AP physics, AP world history, AP Lang and Lit, AP macro, AP Gov, AP Capstone Seminar and Research. I got a 2 on Physics. 3 and above on everything else.


3.7 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1480

ACT: 32


I participated in Academic Decathlon for three years. Elected VP. I did summer research at UT Austin on Bird populations in the city. I started my own club where I hosted fundraiser Trivia Nights. I also was the Editor in Chief of the Texas high school Democrats. I was in National English Honor Society.



I was incredibly close with both my teachers. It probably hurt my application that both were my English teachers. I didn't have that great relationships with my Science and Math teachers, and was not as close.


I wrote about my interest in majoring in anthropology while also developing a personal story of how I was an introvert that had trouble fitting in but how I developed my interest in human beings.


I got rejected from pretty much all my colleges except 3 out of 11 I applied to. I would say what got me into Berkeley was I took advantage of the prompts which are actually really unique and allow you to dig deeper without writing too much. I basically was very straightforward, basic language, but wrote honestly and candidly without much embellishment or fancy language.


Don't just join a bunch of clubs and obsess over service hours. You're just going to stress yourself out. That's just not that impressive anymore. Focus on what makes you special and tap into that. If you like art, curate your own art gallery and donate proceeds to a charity. Or just put your own spin on things. Collaborate, create teams, and develop your own ideas. All you need is one or two big ideas like that.


I had no specific circumstances. I am a second generation Indian, American citizen from Houston, Texas.


Berkeley is famous for its anthro department, and I honestly didn't think I was going to get in so I just sent it in with no expectations.


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