• Nora Sun

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Institution: Stanford University

Study: Major in biology

High School Experience

I attended a small private high school in Vietnam and took the IBDP program. Some of my favorite subjects were Biology, English Language and Literature, and Psychology. I also enjoyed doing art, aerial acrobatics, piano, and community service involving weekly visits to local children’s cancer wards outside of school.

Course choices

My main academic interest throughout high school was Biology and I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to conduct an ecological study on the tropical island of Con Dao, which further reaffirmed my passion for the subject. Hence why I intend to major in Biology at university. Through my studies, I was introduced to topics like genetics, human physiology, and immunology - all of which I hope to explore more at university.


I completed the IBDP program. I took Higher Level Biology, Chemistry, and English Language and Literature, as well as Standard Level Psychology, Chinese B, and Mathematics. The final exams were cancelled due to COVID-19, but I was predicted a score of 42.



Standardized Testing

SAT: 1470


I held the leadership position of English Subject Ambassador at my school through grades 9-12. In addition, I practiced aerial acrobatics for two years, art for 5 years, piano for 10 years, and community service with a local children’s cancer hospital for 2 years.


I had a good relationship with both of the teachers that wrote my recommendations, as well as my school’s university guidance counsellor.


I didn’t have a narrative or theme to my essays. I wrote about my background as someone that is mixed-race, how my ecological study in Con Dao inspired my passion for Biology, my love for art and aerial acrobatics, and my community service involvement, among several other things.






I chose this university for its strong resources across all departments that I felt would best enable me to explore my academic interests. I was also drawn to the strong sense of community at Stanford, as well as the fun campus traditions that characterize it.

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