• Nora Sun

Tags: UPenn

Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Study: Undecided

High School Experience

I really focused my high school career on three pillars: science, art, and leadership. In terms of science and art, I incorporated my experiences in the classroom of science courses with my passion for dance. In terms of leadership, I was heavily involved in countywide student government, social justice, and advocacy.

Course choices

I really loved taking chemistry, english, math, and physics courses. I also liked anthropology and Spanish.



4.0 unweighted, 4.7 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1580

SAT Math 2: 780

SAT Chemistry: 750



More than just a teacher-student relationship, I felt a special bond with the teachers who wrote me a recommendation. This was particularly because I really admired the way my teachers delivered the content taught in class. I also looked up to these teachers, because they are so passionate about education in general and helping students.


I wrote a lot about my dance journey, especially being a male dancer in a female-dominant art form. I also focused a lot on my leadership pursuits, as well as my love for science.


I think my passion for what I do made me a strong applicant.


Just seriously pursue what you love. Don’t worry about doing many things to add an impressive resume.



I chose University of Pennsylvania because more than my other competing choice, Columbia, Penn offers a plethora of opportunities. So many cool majors, courses, organizations, and opportunities at Penn and Phill in general!


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