• Nora Sun

Tags: Duke

Institution: Duke University

Study: Major in chemistry

High School Experience

I personally really enjoyed high school. Learned a lot, had a great time with friends, and did not encounter anything significantly dissatisfying. I also really enjoyed playing Quizbowl.

Course choices


My high school doesn’t calculate GPAs. However, my predicted IB score was a 42. I took AP exams and got mostly 5's with a couple 4's. I like STEM APs the most but I think I'm okay with History too.



Standardized Testing

SAT: 1470


Did Knowledge Bowl/Quizbowl for 4 years, participated in Chemistry Olympiad junior year and was going to again but did not get too because COVID. Did manage to participate in AMC and the Physics and Biology Olympiads.


My recommendations were very good! I really like the teachers here at Newport, they are all so nice and caring. Makes me glad I ended up coming to Newport.


For essays I just wrote about my experiences with Quizbowl, Chemistry Olympiad, and volunteering. I guess my theme was centered around invigorating an academic atmosphere in the community and also contributing to a community of care.


I would say my dedication to Quizbowl alone was the core of my application. Some advice is that even if you can't really write down anything that sounds significant alone (e.g. revitalizing a club from near-death), it is important to write in a way that shows traits people want to see in you. The traits I showed were passion and self-motivation to learn.



Sister went to Duke a few years ago. Not sure how much that affects it? I hear they just take another look at your application.



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