• Nora Sun

Tags: NYU

Institution: New York University

Study: Major in global liberal Studies on a pre med track

High School Experience

I didn’t like high school. It was really immature and the people in my actual high school just didn’t have the same type of mentality as me. I was very driven academically and all they cared about was social life even college advisors were useless. I’m a great writer and she wanted kids to write like 2nd graders. I did my college process way ahead of time due to SEO and myself not with my school.

Course choices


I took all the AP Classes my school had to offer, but did not take tests.


95 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1170


I was in the knightly news then went up to editor in a few months, was on debate club before my school took it away, in College for Every Student (a program in my school), in SEO Scholars NYC, went to Japan junior year on scholarship for cultural immersion, MEDDOCs Scholar, volunteer at Monteifore (while in school and over the summer on hematology and oncology pediatric ward) also Teens Take Charge, book club, College Now at Lehman College sociology course and I’m missing something I’m pretty sure.


My math teacher for trig was very good. I had good relationships and they wanted to see me win. I asked those who knew how I’ve grown from them to now.


My personal statement was about my Dad who had and still has a strong accent and can’t write in English too well without many grammatical errors. From a very young age, I helped him write letters to officials for the embassy and to kick tenants out and much more. I just talked how as the letters changed I changed and due to our relationship.



I tell people who want to go to NYU or their dream school that you're the only one who can tell your story, and if you don’t believe in that story then how can an admissions officer? Also take advantage of things in your community: I was involved in my school but only in a few clubs, but I was and still am in a college prep program called SEO. While everyone had Saturdays to themselves I was in class across NYC for hours longer than my regular school day for 4 years. I volunteered at a hospital, I was a part of a program that allowed me to interact with a stimulation on how to deliver anesthesia, learned from medical students and a lot more. Schools know what state your coming from and especially if your From NYC there is no reason why you should say you can’t be involved because this city helps those who look to get help, can’t ask for it you have to search and it takes dedication but it pays off.



I chose NYU because of its diversity and due to its rigor in course work and the opportunities.


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