• Nora Sun

Tags: Columbia

Institution: Columbia

Study: Major in physics/astrophysics

High School Experience

I liked how in high school we have more freedom in what classes to choose! The school could be a little frustrating sometimes when the faculty was not very helpful towards its students, but otherwise high school was a positive experience for me, especially junior and senior year.


My academic interests were mostly in biotechnology and healthcare. I took a total of 16 AP classes, and got mostly 4s and 5s.


Course choices

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1530

ACT: 34


I was in my school’s dance team for three years, and I also volunteered for my church for nine years. In my senior year, I had an internship with a biotechnology company.


I chose the teachers who I had the best relationship with to write my recs. I chose my biology teacher because I’ve had classes with him for three years, so he knew me well, as well as my junior English teacher, who I talked to the most and had the closest relationship with.


I didn't really have a narrative to my essay, but I wrote about my life in general and tied my life events together with a common theme of empathy and self discovery.


I’m not sure what made me a strong applicant, I guess maybe how holistically I was competitive, along with extracurriculars that showed I was passionate about dance and volunteering.


Start your application early and don’t stress about how you think the colleges will view you!




I chose this university because I could see myself thriving on campus and the school was academically challenging!


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