• Nora Sun

Tags: UPenn

Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Study: Major in neuroscience

High School Experience

My high school experience was overall pretty good. I mainly spent my time studying, sport practice, and extracurricular activities. There were many school events like basketball and football games which I attended with friends.

Course choices

I took basically every single AP class my school offered, totaling to 16, so I explored all subjects


The APs I took were: world history, Chem, Biology, Calc BC, Lang, US History, Stats, Lit, Physics C (Mech and E&M), Econ (micro and macro), government (US and Comparative), French, psychology. I got all 5 fives except for chem and lang, waiting on my scores for this year.


Standardized Testing

SAT: 1550

ACT: 35

SAT Math 2: 800

SAT Biology: 760

SAT US History: 740


I took part in various: Science Olympiad, Math League, Student Council, Varsity Soccer and Track, and I held leadership positions in all of those. I also played the violin and piano.


My world history teacher and chemistry wrote my recommendations, I had a really strong relationship with each of them.


My common app essay was about how my life was similar to each of the Marvel Cinematic Movies and how things I learned in my life applied.


I knew I was a strong applicant because of how well versed my extracurricular activities and internships were along with my very high grades.


My advice would be to keep working hard and choose a passion that you have and keep exploring all aspects of it and dive into anything that you find interesting.




I choose Penn because of the liberal arts curriculum, amazing pre-med program/ training, and the work hard-play hard atmosphere.


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