• Nora Sun

Tags: Princeton

Institution: Princeton

Study: Major in economics or computer science

High School Experience

My high school experience overall was super successful. I made a lot of great friends With teachers and students and administration. I participated in a fundraiser that forced me to interact with everybody in the entire school, so I knew most of the teachers since my freshman year. We’re also a really small school so I was able to get individual time with all my teachers. I am extremely organized so I maximize the time I spend at school. I do tons and tons of clubs and I dedicate myself to everything that I do. A lot of my teachers and older classmates recognize that and gave me leadership roles. I am also really really positive so I think that helped me a lot in just building relationships with people. I’m not gonna lie, someone told me my freshman year to try everything, and I continued with that mindset through senior year. I was always trying new things. I guess my academic interests were computer science and later economics. I just like learning. I really don’t have a specific interest when I was choosing my courses, I only wanted to do well.


I took 11 AP exams but only six courses. I self studied for statistics, language, and literature in my junior year. I took a push, comp sci, and calc bc in my junior year. In my senior year, I took five AP exams. AP French, AP macroeconomics, AP microeconomics, AP psychology, and AP physics mechanics. Our school does not offer a French AP class, and our economics class covered two APs in one year. I got all fives on my junior year exams except for history.


4.0 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 35, 36

SAT Math 2: 800

SAT French: 700

SAT physics: 700

SAT US History: 750


My extracurricular activities were a lot. I was president of my school's foreign exchange club, student run credit union, homelessness club, and community service in Denan. I was also president of the Girl Code club and Fencing Captain. I started my own music organization that expanded internationally.


My relationship with my teachers and everyone in the school was super good because I always had a smile on my face and would take the time to get to know everyone at my school.



I do not know what made me a strong applicant, but I did a lot and led a lot of things. I think leadership was one of my strong suits. I am not under privileged, and I actually did not have a hook, So it was super surprising that I got in. Though I must say, my school's college counseling department is awesome.


My advice is to be enthusiastic, positive and build relationships with everyone you meet, from your coaches to the administration, to teachers to whoever. Also do everything in anything that you’re interested in, if you really like it, you’ll make the time to do it, and it’ll show on your application.




I chose it because it is local, and also very highly ranked for the two majors that I wanna do, and also for education in general. It’s also one of the best schools that accept.


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