• Nora Sun

Tags: Yale

Institution: Yale University

Study: Major in anthropology, minor in French or Russian

High School Experience

I did not have a typical high school experience. I went to four different schools in three different districts, so it was challenging to have a social life. I liked meeting lots of new people, but it was challenging to have a consistent group of friends throughout the four years.

Course choices

I was very interested in engineering and the sciences in high school. I took mostly all engineering and science courses. Hockey affected a lot of what I chose as well, as I was always gone so I chose classes I knew I didn't have to be there for all the time.


I took AP US History, AP Bio, and AP Chem. I took the US history exam, and got a 2. I did not take AP bio or AP Chem because I transferred schools at the third quarter mark and had a lot going on.


3.5 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 28


I played very high level club hockey throughout high school, as well as baseball my freshman year and lacrosse my grade 10-12 years. I was in National Junior honor society my freshman year, and was briefly in student council my senior year. Joining clubs was challenging because I practiced every day and was gone every weekend. I thoroughly enjoy the arts and wish I would have participated in more clubs/classes that involved that.


I had a fantastic relationship with the teachers that wrote my recommendation letters. I was a new student in the school when I took their class, and really made an effort to have a relationship with them because I knew I would be gone 30+ days a school year.



I was recruited for the hockey team, and I think I have grown tremendously over my two gap years and feel very ready for college.


My advice would be to talk to as many people as you possibly can in any situation. You can learn so much just from a simple conversation, and that knowledge will help you grow to be a wonderful human.



The world is your oyster at Yale. There have been so many amazing possibilities that have opened up since I committed, and I am thoroughly excited for my future and to make a difference in the world!


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