• Nora Sun

Tags: UCLA

Institution: University of California Los Angeles

Study: Major in aerospace

High School Experience

For me, high school was a lot of fun. I enjoyed being very active in clubs and sports as well. I didn't enjoy the student government activities because the leadership was consistently bad.

Course choices


I took both AP and IB classes. I'm not sure about my IB class scores but I mostly got 5s with one 4 on my AP tests.


4.65 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1530

SAT Physics: 730

SAT Math 2: 800.


I was active in cross country and track all 4 years of high school alongside CREATE club (an architecture club) and chess club. I also did boy scouts and held many leadership positions for most of my life. In the last 2 years of high school I held leadership in the IB club.


The teachers who wrote my letters of rec were my favorite teachers. I've been in their classes for several years and also participated in the club's that they helped to found.


I didn't have much of a narrative in my essays, but I wrote a lot about how it is important for me to stay curious and live a balanced lifestyle.


I think the amount of extracurricular I did next to pitting a lot of effort into my school work are what helped me to succeed. I would advise others to actively look for opportunities to have help others, learn or just to have fun, especially early on in school. It's great to make friends and for college apps.






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