• Nora Sun

Tags: Princeton, low income

Institution: Princeton

Study: Major in political science

High School Experience

I had an overall enjoyable experience in high school. Most of the classes I took were very interesting, I liked near all of my teachers, and I was a part of several close friend groups. My school experience was also enhanced by my participation in various sports and clubs.


My favorite subjects are history/social studies and math, though there were aspects of every subject that I enjoyed. I took 8 AP classes throughout my high school career, scoring a 5 on four exams with the other four still pending. I also took several dual enrollment classes with the flagship university of my state.


4.88 weighted

Standardized Testing

My highest combined SAT score was a 1530. I took 3 SAT subject tests, scoring an 800, 790, 770.


I was on the Outdoor Track and Field team for 4 years, the Indoor Track and Field team for 3 years, and the Football team for 2 years. I was also a part of various clubs like the Political Action Club, Math Team, FBLA, and DECA. I was president of Math Team, secretary of FBLA, and VP of DECA. Lastly, I was in several honors societies, including the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and World Languages Honor Society.


My relationship with the teachers that wrote my letters of recommendation was very strong. I had had my calc teacher for three years, so she knew me very well, and my gov teacher also was a mentor to me even though I only had her for one year.


I generally wrote about my academic interests, as in my fascination with politics and mathematics. I also discussed my tendency to overcome adversity with various anecdotes across several supplemental essays.


I think my writing ability combined with my meaningful extracurricular activities (leadership positions, extensive involvement) made me a strong applicant and set me apart from other applicants in the pool, though exceptional grades and test scores are also necessary as well.


My advice to others would be to spend a lot of time on the essays, not only revising for grammar and syntax but also making sure that the topics you chose say something meaningful about yourself.


I come from a low-income family, though this did not negatively affect my college application process in any way. However, it did afford me a fee waiver for each of my applications, which proved extremely useful.


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