• Nora Sun

Tags: Columbia

Institution: Columbia

Study: Major in physics/astrophysics

High School Experience

I liked the collaborative environment despite it being super competitive. My friends and I all helped each other with our college essays, shared resources, made google docs etc. which was very nice despite my school being super competitive. I didn’t like the fact that it was incredibly boring.


HLs: physics, math, history

SLs: spanish b, chem, lang lit

My predicted was a 44/45.


4.0 unweighted

Course choices

Standardized Testing

ACT superscore: 36

SAT physics: 800

SAT math 2: 800


I played the piano (grade 7) and ukulele, did a lot of volunteering, astrophysics research, and art.


I didn’t have an amazing relationship. I used to mess around a lot in class and the teachers used to get kinda annoyed at me but at the end of the day I got good grades and all the teachers want us to get into good universities so they write good recs. They also had material about me to write about


Theme: girl interested in STEM and the humanities (history), with a passion for the arts (music + art), and a strong advocate of women’s empowerment


High grades/scores, good essays


Start a few unique extracurriculars you’re passionate about EARLY so that you’re not scrambling at the end. Also, grades ARE important so work to improve them (be consistently high or show an upward trajectory).


Applied from India.


Out of those I got accepted to, it was the best choice: location, prestige, great in physics.


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