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Institution: Dartmouth

Study: Major in psychology, minor in public policy

High School Experience

I went to two different schools, a private school in Florida for my first two years and a public school in Arizona for my last two. Private school was definitely a better education but socially more of a challenge, just simply because I lived a different lifestyle to other kids and felt like an outsider. At my school, I just graduated from I had an amazing experience being lucky to have great teachers and just was involved which helped me stay busy. Being in sports and clubs was definitely a highlight.


I took AP psychology, 10/10 loved the class mostly because the teacher I had but also the subject really spoke to me because that was the year my parents divorced and all the info was sort of a coping device for me. I got a 4. AP environmental science I enjoyed again because the teacher but I didn’t learn much. I got a 3. Took AP European history, horrible teacher was interested in the subject but she made me hate it, got a 3. AP US history amazing teacher and actually learned a lot, got a 3. AP Language amazing teacher really did improve my writing and loved doing it, got a 3. AP Literature got cut short (I was taking it this year), but I enjoyed the books, didn’t really learn, don’t know my score yet. AP calculus is a complete different story, my teacher grew to not like me the second half of the year because the class was only seniors that weren’t trying from day one, but I was a junior who flourished the first semester and gave up second semester with all the other seniors, I did do good in the class but I got a 1 on the exam because the teacher sucked, and I’d like to add my calc class I took as a senior I finished with above a 100% because I had a good teacher at the college.


4.95 weighted, 3.85 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT 1: 31

ACT 2: 32

ACT 3: 34



My teachers and I were close to me, and they just simply gave recommendations. They were my AP Psychology and AP US History teachers.


My narrative for my essays were because my essays were similar, kind of who I am kind of thing and I focused on my military background and the fact that I don’t really have an identity but that not having one created my own identity if that makes sense.


Not only did I have a low income background, but I had a strong ACT score, GPA and extracurriculars, without sounding conceited ahaha.


For other applicants, I would say show colleges who you are and really accentuate your strengths.


Low-income, helped me through the QuestBridge program with which I initially applied to my school with.


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