• Nora Sun

Tags: Brown

Institution: Brown University

Study: Major in biomedical engineering

High School Experience

I loved high school!! I had a lot of good friends who I made a lot of memories with, and they made those four years fly by. I involved myself in a lot of clubs and activities which kept me busy and social while also building up my college resume.

Course choices

Most of my classes were pretty structured, but i was super interested in science and psychology so I took AP psych, AP bio, and honors chem my senior year. ( I only needed one science but chose two, and psych was an elective!)


I took many APs including AP world history (3 on exam) AP US history (2 on exam) AP lang and comp (3 on exam) and then senior year I took AP bio, psych, calc, and literature and comp (did not take the exam for any of them).


4.0 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1450; 730 math, 720 English



I had very close relationships with them, especially my junior year math teacher whom I am still in contact with and is retiring this year!


In my generic essay I had the theme of sitting around a fire pit, and talked about everyone around it and how their differences and strengths come together to create a special moment. The other essays I wrote were much more straightforward.


I am still super surprised that I was admitted, but I think that the combination of academic success and passions for other activities including community service made me a strong applicant.


My biggest advice would be to work hard, but make sure you use the resources around you. Teachers are always willing to help you if you take the time to meet and talk with them! Also, involve yourself with as much as you can, without overworking yourself. Mental health is important, but lots of activities make your life exciting and also makes you a good applicant!


No, I had none of these special situations, but I have thought that maybe residing in a rural location gave me a better chance.


I chose Brown because it is both an amazing academic school and a very welcoming and collaborative environment. Everyone there seems extremely happy, passionate, and willing to help others succeed.


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