• Nora Sun

Tags: Dartmouth, first generation

Institution: Dartmouth

Study: Major in neuroscience

High School Experience

I was lucky enough to be part of a high school with a lot of focus on STEM. There were several clubs such as a biotechnology, physics and Phi Beta which I enjoyed being a part of. Being part of the competitions and research done outside of school but sponsored by clubs were my favorite activities. One thing I truly believed should’ve improved was diversity, but not racially as we did have representatives from all minorities and majority groups alike. The students that were part of these programs were ones that have already taken advanced placement, dual enrollment and IB classes in STEM. This left many students in regular classes unable to experience the world of science as much as others. That’s for sure one thing I didn’t like and so I worked to promote academic diversity in clubs.


Throughout high school I got 5s in all 7 of the AP classes I took, including STEM ones like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus AB/BC and Statistics. IB is a very challenging program, but I am glad I was part of it and actually performed well. Applying physics and mathematical concepts to everyday issues is what I am the most passionate about, which is why I took classes like Biotechnology and Anatomy and Physiology, together with the science courses previously listed.


Standardized Testing

ACT: 35; 36 in everything except math

SAT Chemistry: 780

SAT Math 1: 800


I did research at UM, volunteer at Baptist, volunteer at homeless shelters, founded Escribriendo Tus Sueños. President of Biotechnology Club, president of sports medicine club, Vice President of physics club. I did all of them for my four years of high school. Became the president and Vice President of all the clubs my junior year.


I had a very close relationship with those teachers and volunteer leaders. I was able to trust them along my high school career so they were almost family to me.


I did have a narrative which basically explained my journey discovering and falling in love with neuroscience.


I was very science focused in my extracurricular activities and classes which shows that neuroscience has truly been my passion since day one. They saw I was a determined person that arrived in the US, learned English in less than a year and was able and succeeded.


Focusing on your passions more so than making yourself the most well rounded person possible I believe is truly essential.


First generation Cuban immigrant.


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