• Nora Sun

Tags: NYU

Institution: New York University

Study: Major in global public health/biology on pre-med track

High School Experience

I had good friends and was pretty well known so my social life wasn’t bad. I also had good teachers and took a wide variety of AP classes so I believe my academics were rigorous but not too rigorous. I wish my school was more diverse though. My football coach was also a horrible person.

Course choices

I didn’t really have one interest but I liked the business teacher so all of my electives were in business. Other than that, I took AP classes that I thought would be interesting and not too much work.


AP computer science: 5

AP US Government and Politics: 5

AP Human Geography: 5 AP Statistics: 5

AP Environmental Science: 5

AP Calculus AB: 3 AP US History: unknown

AP Spanish: unknown

AP English Language: unknown


3.85 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT superscore: 35


I played football, basketball, did DECA, and volunteered by tutoring primarily refugee children. I also started a 70 person flag football league as well.


I had pretty good relationships. I didn’t talk to my teachers too much but I did have good conversations with them and they did have respect for me.


I wrote my essay about my Islamic faith and how NYU was more accommodating to Muslim students than other schools.


I think my unique perspective on how NYU was simply a better place for a practicing Muslim such as myself compared to other schools made me a strong applicant.


I would say be yourself and really make yourself stand out in your essay. Everyone who is applying to a prestigious school such as NYU has top test scores and grades so the essay can really be unique and make you stand out.




I wanted to be in a big city, and I did not want to go to a school where the only option for fun was going to frat parties. I wanted to go to a school where I could have a city experience and NYU not having a closed off campus and just being in the city of New York really appealed to me.


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