• Nora Sun

Tags: MIT

Institution: MIT

Study: Major in bioengineering and mathematics

High School Experience

My high school experience was good. I worked hard, played hard and I wouldn’t change anything about it, except maybe coronavirus.


I was well-rounded, took APs in humanities and STEM and got 5s pretty much all around (one 4).


3.992 unweighted, 4.2 weighted

Course choices

Standardized Testing

ACT: 36

SAT Chemistry: 800

SAT Math 2: 800

SAT Molecular Biology: 790


I played a couple random sports including martial arts but spent most time playing volleyball. I did a bunch of random activities well: mock court (2 years, VP & awards), debate (1 year, states, awards), Science Olympiad (3 years, states, awards) but spent most time doing research outside of school.


No one called/emailed the school for me. I chose teachers I had really good relationships with over teachers in more relevant subjects.



I tried to portray myself as well-rounded but well-versed in each interest, and that each made me better in my other interests.


My advice is to pursue everything and anything you like and pursue it hard. Come away with new things that may/may not apply to your other pursuits.





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