• Nora Sun

Tags: Cal-Tech

Institution: Cal-Tech

Study: Major in data science, applied math, or business

High School Experience

My high school experience was great. I had lots of friends, went to many parties, and was able to find a good balance between work and fun. I went to a lot of football and basketball games and I really loved my high school, the people there, and the teachers. There weren't any downsides there other than it was a little competitive at times but that's basically it.


AP Calc AB: 5

AP Spanish Language; 3

AP Chemistry: 3

AP Comp Sci A: unknown

AP English Lang: unknown

AP Physics C: unknown

AP Micro Econ: unknown

AP Macro Econ: unknown


3.5 unweighted, 4.2 weighted

Course choices

Standardized Testing

ACT: 33

ACT superscore: 34

SAT Math 2: 740

SAT Chemistry: 730


I participated in model congress, debate, varsity tennis, rec basketball, cross country, FBLA, International sports club, chem club, and link crew. I was president of model congress, FBLA, international sports club, and chem club. I was captain of the varsity tennis team my senior year and captain of the JV team my sophomore year. I was in all of these activities for 4 years other than chem club and FBLA, I was in them for 3 years. I also volunteered at the local boys and girls club.


My relationships were great with my teachers. They truly cared for me and helped me a lot in high school.


I wrote about my family in India and how I connected with them through cricket.


My extracurriculars, class rigor, my essays, and that my GPA improved greatly from 10th to 11th grade


Write good essays and get good grades.




Loved the campus and the great academics.


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