• Nora Sun

Tags: Stanford

Institution: Stanford University

Study: Major in computer science

High School Experience

I think my high school experience, in comparison to other students across the country, was average. One thing I felt that was different about my educational experience though is the diversity of my school; I was surrounded by a lot of Middle Eastern, Polish, and Latinx students throughout high school and that really diversified my educational experience and made me more aware of different cultures and religious beliefs.

Course choices


I took as many as I could! I knew all of the teachers were spectacular and wanted to challenge myself. I passed some exams but I also failed some (procrastination kills)! It is what it is and these scores don’t hold as much weight as you think!


Standardized Testing


I developed an interest towards technical activities but also was very active in my religious communities.


I loved all of my teachers, and I spoke to them as friends and as humans, not someone as “other." I think students also need to recognize that writing a letter of recommendation for you is an honor and a privilege, and that make sure you don’t forget to give them a small gift after


The theme was… myself! People have diverse interests that don’t all fall into the same bubble. Sure, I was more interested in activities that involved writing, religion, and tech, but I also loved sports and languages!


The ability to not cover up my true thoughts with vague “out-of-this-world” statements.


Learn a lot about yourself, take notes about what you love and interesting things that happen to you throughout the day! Become aware.




California–great weather, and an awesome interdisciplinary program that allows me to combine my love for CS and anything else!


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