• Nora Sun

Tags: UC Berkeley, international

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Study: Major in undeclared science, minor in arts

High School Experience

I went to a British school so the system is very different to the American one. I liked that we did 2 year programs (GCSE/IB) rather than working in terms of credits. The British system is also more globally inclusive which was nice given that I’m an international student. I didn’t like the amount of pressure and workload at the time but looking back it’s made me a better person.

Course choices

I love biology, nutrition, sports science, environmental studies, ethnic studies, art, philosophy, psychology, basically subjects that involve understanding the human experience from a range of perspectives.


I took IB (HL: biology, chemistry, psychology. SL: english literature, math, Spanish). My predicted grade was a 40 but we never got to take the exams.



Standardized Testing

SATL 1240


My entire profile was centered around my passion for CS and I think that is really what got me through my dream colleges. I was in a lot of clubs: I was the president of one (7 years), the Vice President of another (3 years) and that member of two ( 2 years each) I also had a lot of community service and donations to charities. I ran a crowdfunding campaign to collect money for cataract patients who couldn't afford it and I was able to get like enough to sponsor the surgery of more than 100 people.


I have really good relationships with all my teachers because our classes were small and I think building good relationships is really important inside and outside of school.


My theme was primarily based on how I see my identity / my passions and how that impacted my life in the Middle East.


In a humble way, I’ve had a very interesting life and my interests / how I pursued them is unique. I have mixed ethnicity (Palestinian, Lebanese, Filipina, Italian, Irish), but I grew up in Bahrain and have American citizenship. I’m also a female vegan athlete and activist so I know how to debate and change the minds of conservatives quite well. I took advantage of every opportunity that I had so my resume is well rounded.


Find your passions, and pursue them. Constantly be trying different things because everything you do will come with a lesson. In terms of academics, learn how to play the game but work hard. Try to maintain a good balance in your life and things will fall right where you need them.




I felt that UC Berkeley was the right college for who I am as a person and it was my top choice.

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