• Nora Sun

Tags: Princeton

Institution: Princeton

Study: Major in neuroscience and psychology

High School Experience

I went to a very large public school and for the most part very much enjoyed it. I was super involved and made all the connections I could. I enjoyed the people at the school including my friends and the teachers/administrators. I disliked the focus on certain areas rather than others. There’s a large focus on sports and lots of funding and attention goes there, and while I’m one of the largest sports fans, I’d have loved to see other departments and even academics get a bit more attention.

Course choices

I enjoyed taking classes in the social studies and social sciences department most, but I usually took only a few classes in those departments and focused more of my time in advanced core subjects like math and science.


AP Literature: 3

AP Calc AB: 3

AP Biology: 3

AP Chem: unknown

AP Micro: unknown

AP Macro Econ: unknown

AP Psychology: unknown

AP Calc BC: unknown


3.8 unweighted, 4.75 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT composite: 34

ACT superscore: 35


Student Council, 4 years, President; NHS, 1 year, President; Track and Field, 2 years; Volleyball, 2 years, captain; Marching/Concert Band, 4 yrs, Section Leader; Choir, 1 yr; German Club, 4 yrs; Diversity Club, 4 yrs; BHM production, 3 years


Great relationship with teachers who wrote recommendations, became as close as friends.


One of my greatest interests is psychology/neuroscience/cognitive science, and one of my greatest passions is making music, so my narrative for my essays was the interdisciplinary nature of psychology with things like music, and other often forgotten things.


I believe my essays were some of the most well put together I’ve ever written and sent a nice message.


Sacrifices are necessary, but the payoff is worth all of it. Keep working hard and using those around you as support and you’ll get to where you want to be.



Great fit and a variety of strengths in different departments.


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