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Institution: Columbia

Study: Major in neuroscience

High School Experience

My high school experience was really stressful but it did come with its peaks. I did spend most of my time at the school especially my senior year due to EC. I actually liked the set schedule even though I wish we had more creative freedom in forming it.


I was definitely more interested in STEM based classes. Yes, I took a total of 11 & I’m waiting on 6 scores from the tests I took this year but I passed the previous tests.


4.25 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 33


  • National honor society for three years and my highest position was senior rep

  • Spanish national honor society for two years & my highest position was secretary

  • Renaissance leadership club for one year & I was just a member

  • Hispanic heritage club for three years & my highest position was secretary

  • Student council for two years & I was president


The teachers I asked for recommendations were some of my favorite teachers that I would really engage with on a daily basis.


Most of my essays revolves around breaking different barriers and my growth from those experiences.


I made sure my stats were in range & made sure that my essays would be interesting and could stand out. I tried my best to be personable and mature.


I would say to work on yourself as a person. Really focus on what traits you want & which ones don’t serve you any purpose.


I am a first generation low income minority.


I chose Columbia because it was my dream school with a prime location. I loved the curriculum that it offers and the global perspective that the institution pushes for.

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