• Nora Sun

Tags: UChicago

Institution: University of Chicago

Study: Major in molecular engineering or economics

High School Experience

I enjoyed my high school experience generally, I went to a private middle school that went through 9th grade and transferred to a public high school for 10-12th grade.

Course choices

I’ve always been interested in most things to do with STEM and I took all the science classes that I could take over the course of high school.


I took 13 AP classes over my four years: bio, physics 1, physics 2, chem, Lang, Lit, APUSH, Comp Sci, calc AB, Calc BC, Stats, Micro, and Macro. I only took 10 AP tests. got a 4 or 5 on all the tests I’ve taken so far and I’m waiting on my scores for this year.


4.7 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 35

SAT Biology: 780

SAT Math 2: 770


I was a member of a leadership Academy at my school and did lots of activities associated with that. I swam Varsity all 3 years I was at public High School (been doing club swim for 11 years), and was team captain senior year. I was a member of a couple clubs including Math Club and Sustainable Future Club, and I volunteered at a local science museum all 4 years as well.


I think I had a great relationship with the teachers who wrote me letters of rec. I made sure I knew each of them on a personal level and I think each had a specific story that they were able to write about in their letters.


I didn’t stick rigidly to a theme but most of my essays revolved around my curiosity and desire to answer big questions about the world. I wrote about the origins of my curiosity as well as an essay focused specifically on one of the big questions I would like to help answer in my lifetime.


I can’t be sure what made me stick out specifically (I personally think that there is a lot of luck in college admissions) so it’s hard to tell what factor made the admissions team want to accept me.


I personally believe the most important thing that you can do through your application (more important than any test scores) is to come off as a likable person to the admissions officer. You want them to read your application and want to meet you.




UChicago is probably the best match for me in a university, everything from the culture, to the academic engagement, to the study abroad programs is exactly what I was looking for in a college.


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