• Nora Sun

Tags: Duke

Institution: Duke University

Study: Major in biology, minor in global health

High School Experience

I enjoyed high school overall. I appreciated how I could have multiple, fluid friend groups. I had trouble keeping up with a schedule due to how demanding swim season was, which kept me tired and stressed for quite a bit of my four years.

Course choices

I was really interested in medicine throughout high school, and our school offers a really strong health science department. I had the opportunity to take multiple health science courses and even a clinical internship affiliated with our local hospitals.


I took AP Euro (4) APUSH (4) AP Lang (5) AP Chem (4) AP bio, AP Calc BC, AP lit, AP Microeconomics, AP macroeconomics, AP US gov.


4.0 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 35

SAT Math 2: 710

SAT Chemistry: 730


My two main extracurriculars were varsity swimming and student government. I competitively swam for 11 years and throughout high school, and I was a part of student government for 7 years. I was the senior captain for my swim team and senior class president at SGA.


I had a pretty close relationship with my teachers. One of my recommendation letters came from my AP lang teacher, an SGA advisor, and another came from my Calculus teacher who I had for precalculus junior year, too.


I generally wrote about my experiences as an Indian female in rural Tennessee and how that shaped my own perspectives about other cultures. I also wrote about my experiences working in an oncology research lab and how that fueled my desire to go into STEM.


I’m honestly not sure. I think I had a large variety of experiences to talk and write about in regards to academics, athletics, and overall life experiences- a “well rounded” applicant.


Have fun with your application; you are given the opportunity to talk about yourself, so write about the craziest, deepest experiences that are unique to you.


Underprivileged living situation


I loved Duke from the first time I visited. It has a beautiful, welcoming campus that immediately felt like a home, and it offers an incredibly strong Pre-Med program. It was also my top choice while applying to colleges.


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