• Nora Sun

Tags: Columbia, Barnard, first generation, low income

Institution: Barnard College at Columbia University

Study: Major in pre-med

High School Experience

I went to a pretty small high school for being a public school in the city, and I really really enjoyed being able to have more individual attention from my teachers. My school also had an early college program which means I started taking college level classes in junior year and was in dual enrollment. I really liked being able to choose some of my classes and having them be on topics I feel are not generally high school classes and I was able to better figure out what topics I like.


I only took dual enrollment.


3.7 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 32


I have been on the art magazine at my school for the past 2 years and have been on the soccer team for the past 3. I've also had a fair few internships at colleges over the summers and after school.


I had a pretty close relationship with all of my teachers who wrote my recommendation letters. Again, this is the benefit of being at a smaller school. I took a year or more of classes with both of my recommendation writers and I would frequently meet with my college counselor.


There wasn’t an overall theme with any of my supplements but I think the biggest commonality between them all is that I tried to be as honest as possible but also find the most niche answer I could give. I wasn’t ever dishonest but I tried to give the most unique answer I possibly could to every question, something I could be almost positive no one else could write.


I think what made me a strong applicant was the well rounded nature of my interests. I wrote a lot of my supplements about authors I had read about or topics in literature that really spoke to me, but on the other hand I also have been in multiple bio internships and have done a lot of research on various topics. Having that variability was very important when applying to liberal arts schools.


My biggest piece of advice is to always ask for help. I couldn’t list all the people that helped me get to the point that I’ve gotten to today but I definitely couldn’t have gotten here without their help. The college application process is not a one man job and it takes a lot of help to get through it.


I'm a FGLI student so I think that could have probably affected my application.


I chose this school because I really wanted to stay close to the city, have a small liberal arts school that was only around 3000 students, but also I wanted to have access to all the resources of a large university that they have at Columbia.

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