• Nora Sun

Tags: UC Berkeley, first generation

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Study: Majoring in economics and minoring, minoring in psychology

High School Experience

High school was a good way for me to really figure myself out, especially during junior year. The stress sometimes got to me, but eventually I learned how much I could handle.

Course choices

I took interest in philosophy as a junior, and that opened my eyes to the value of a liberal arts education.


My school capped APs at 3 for upperclassmen, so I took Lit, Calc, APUSH as a junior. As a senior, I took Psych, Lang, Stats. I scored 4’s for calc and APUSH, a 3 for lit.


3.98 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1520

ACT: 35

SAT Math 2: 780

SAT U.S. History: 800

SAT Biology E: 800


I swam varsity throughout high school, continued playing piano, and helped my friend start a STEM club.


I didn’t realize the importance of building relationships before junior year. The teachers I asked knew me as a student but also knew my personality.




Don’t compare yourself to other people, you just do your best and you will get to the right place.


First generation


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