• Nora Sun

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Institution: Princeton

Study: Major in mechanical and aerospace engineering, minor in film

High School Experience

My high school experience was pretty great. My school was a small, diverse prep school in Atlanta. The teachers truly knew how to understand how their students learned and taught us well. The faculty was very personable and it was very easy to become friends with most everyone on campus from the president of the school to the custodial staff. It was a great four years that really prepared me for college. The only complaints that I have is that the students were a bit elitist.


My academic interests were pretty much set up to pursue a career in engineering. I took AP Calculus AB, AP Physics 1, Honors Engineering 101, and Honors Engineering 102 along with my other classes that prepared me for college. I currently don’t have my AP exam scores this year but I received a 3 on AP Physics last year.


3.75 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT 1300

ACT: 28


My extracurriculars were a big part of who I was. I was a four year varsity wrestling state champion. I spent a lot of my time training either on the mat or in the weight room. I would help run camps for younger kids during the summer and coach when I could. Aside from athletics, I was big in the mentoring scene at my school. I was a member of Peer Leadership for my junior and senior year. This program takes 66 juniors and seniors which break up into trios which are assigned 14 freshman and help transition them into high school. I also tutored less fortunate elementary school kids every two weeks. My friends and I created a math club at my high school. Lastly I was the president of the Spirit Club was my school and won Most Spirited.


I have a great relationship with all my teachers and especially those who wrote my recommendations. My assigned college counselor and my coach reached out to college on my behalf.


My essays were pretty personal with struggles that are close to me and a very close coach that I had.



Sell yourself to a school as you would sell your best friend.


Recruited athlete.


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