• Nora Sun

Tags: Brown, first generation, low income

Institution: Brown University

Study: Major in psychology

High School Experience

I’m from a very large public school in a rural city. My school wasn’t very diverse either. I feel like a lot of the people I went to school with were very close minded and the high school was kind of cliquey. Finding a close group of friends really got me through school.

Course choices

I always thought I was interested in STEM, but as school went by I realized I was more interested in liberal arts and social science classes. Whenever I could, I took a lot of those types of classes.


I took 5 AP courses and ended up taking 4 of the exams. I passed all of the exams, but actually never scored a 5 on any of them.


3.97 unweighted, 4.12 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 32


I’ve played the cello for the past 7 years, and was in my school orchestra for 5 of them. I was also in my school’s model UN and mock state government club where we went to statewide conferences and also did service work. Those were probably the biggest two.


All of the teachers that I asked to write me a letter were not only teachers that I did well in their class, but bonded with and had a good relationship with.


There were a few things that I found myself writing about often. I didn’t purposely follow a certain narrative, but it came together that way. I wrote a lot about the community that I grew up in, my family, and different extracurricular experiences I’ve had.


I’ve been a scholar with a national organization since 7th grade which definitely stood out. Through that program, I got to do many things that many students don’t get to do— summer research, extended study abroad, etc.



First generation, low income


Brown was my first choice. Brown has an extremely open curriculum, and is rigorous academically while also being chill and laid back. I love that I can really customize my education at Brown.

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