• Nora Sun

Tags: Princeton

Institution: University of Princeton

Study: Major in psychology

High School Experience

I went to a public magnet school, with predominantly Black and Hispanic students. It was fairly easy to excel in school, and I was able to have a great social life in high school. My school had great school spirit, so school wide events were pretty prevalent, and I was very active in social activities during high school. I was able to balance my academics and social life, however a lot of that was done through procrastination.

Course choices

I was always focused on becoming a surgeon, so in a STEM-infused high school, I was able to take specialized courses like Biomedical Technology and Medical Intervention & Innovation along with the required curriculum.


I took AP Earth & Environmental Science freshman year, which should not have been allowed and was changed that next year when we all got 1s and 2s. But after freshman year I took AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, AP US History, AP English Language & Composition, AP Spanish Language & Culture, AP English Literature & Composition, and AP Calculus AB. I got 5s on all of them.


4.5 weighted; rank 1

Standardized Testing

I will tell you that my SAT was not a 1600. But it was definitely good enough. I took the Biology and US History SAT subject tests. I did not do great on those not gonna lie.


I competitively danced and ran track. I was in student government and an ambassador for the school. I was in multiple clubs as well. I was either President or Vice President in most of these activities.


I had great relationships with the teachers who wrote me recommendation letters. I even wrote long letters thanking them and informing them of my future prospects.


For my personal statement, I decided to focus on something that made me stand out a bit from the rest of the demographics of who I assumed were applying to the schools I wanted to. It infused my unique personality with my unique role in school and my efforts in life.


I think my versatility made me a strong applicant. I knew that universities sought after a diverse group of incoming freshmen, and I played into the differences I knew I would have from the majority of applicants.


My advice is to be okay with the unknown. No one truly knows how to get into your dream school. All you can do is be the best you can be, and portray your uniqueness to the admissions officers.




It was the first Ivy I visited and consequently fell in love with. It’s always been Princeton.


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