• Nora Sun

Tags: Stanford

Institution: Stanford University

Study: Major in human biology

High School Experience

My high school experience was filled with many extracurriculars. I loved being involved with clubs such as NHS and HOSA (health occupations students of America) and also being a part of the track & field team my freshman and sophomore year. junior year and senior were probably my worst years because I was super stressed and I didn't have many resources available to help me get through it.

Course choices

I love science, especially the brain and behavior of the human body which encouraged me to take AP psych, honors anatomy, and the biomedical pathway at my school. I took LOTS of science classes and usually doubled up on science each year.


AP Bio: 4

AP Eng Language & Comp: 5

AP Psych: unknown

AP Chem: unknown

AP Calc AB: unknown

AP Eng Lit & Comp: unknown


4.0 unweighted, 4.5 weighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 1250

ACT: 28


I was a peer tutor at my high school my junior year and I was a lead tutor my senior year. I was in the NHS for 4 years and I was community service officer junior year and treasurer senior year. I was in HOSA for 3 years and I was vice president junior year and president senior year. I also did track & field freshman and sophomore year. I helped start the french club my senior year and I was vice president. I also co-founded the speech and debate club my junior year and was co captain and thus also helped get speech & debate added as a class to our school. I also helped start a wellness club my sophomore year and I was a community outreach person. I did key club for 2 years and physics club for 4 years.


I had great relationships with my teachers. My strongest one was with my chemistry teacher who wrote my letter of recommendation and who believed in my success. He supported me with everything and always checked in on me to make sure I was doing well. He also suggested QuestBridge to me. i was in his class sophomore and senior year and we were really close, I would spend my off period in his class with my friend and we would talk about any new science-y stuff and politics together. My other teacher who wrote my recommendation was my job supervisor and also club advisor for NHS and physics club. I didn't have a good relationship with my counselor until my senior year.


I wrote about the many obstacles I had faced and how I was persevering through it all. I talked about my love for learning and what made me excited to learn. I talked about why I wanted to go into the medical field and why I was so passionate about it which connected to my personal experiences.


I think that talking about my passions and circumstances made me a strong applicant. I think I told a unique story but also showed that I was persevering and determined to succeed.


My advice is to remember that a single bad grade does not define you. I failed multiple tests but I kept my final grades pretty high. and i even got a B on my final grade which stressed me out so much! but i really worried about nothing. also to start things early to have sufficient time to finish them and do a good job. and also to take care of yourself always.


First generation, low income, and disadvantaged


It was my dream school. I loved the campus, the interdisciplinary approach, the location, the generous financial aid and the academics.


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