• Nora Sun

Tags: Stanford

Institution: Stanford University

Study: Major in neuroscience

High School Experience

I really enjoyed the community at my school. It was an all-girls environment, and everyone was so supportive of one another. My teachers and peers always strove to create an inclusive environment, and I learned to find my voice in the justice-oriented atmosphere.

Course choices

I’m interested in neuroscience and biology, so I took several STEM classes in the life sciences and math such as AP bio, biotechnology, calculus, research, etc.


I took AP calc AB, calc BC, biology, chemistry, Spanish lang, English lang, English lit, environmental science, psychology, US gov, US history, world history, physics 1, CS principles, and statistics; I received a 5 on everything but Spanish (3) and I don’t know my senior exam scores yet (psych, environmental science, gov, lit, physics).


4.74 weighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 36

SAT Math 2: 800

SAT Chemistry: 800


Scientific research, social activism, nonprofit work, track and field; I was a team captain in track, president and founder of the nonprofit equity watch, and co-chair of my schools social justice board.


I have amazing relationships with my rec writers. I genuinely love them beyond words and am so grateful for them since they helped me grow as a person and student. All of them served as my teachers and mentors, and I know that I’ll stay in touch with them even when I’m in college.


I wrote about whatever felt natural and got me passionate about the question. Often, it would be about my love for a certain field or a question that interested me.


I think my passion for learning and translating my resources and education into social change were reflected well in my essays.


Be genuine in your essays, and convey who YOU are rather than what you think colleges might want to see. You can write about the most mundane topics in your essays (ie. one of mine was on tree bark haha) but if it conveys who you are and if you are able to make it engaging, you’ll attract the attention of an admissions officer more so than if you try to fit a cliche mold. Also, really just believe in yourself! It seems like a daunting process, but use it as an opportunity for some self reflection and getting in touch with yourself. Once you really understand your needs, goals, and past, you will not only be able to write your apps better but will also enjoy them as a means of self expression.




I think that Stanford will provide a great atmosphere for thinking and research.


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