• Nora Sun

Tags: Brown

Institution: Brown University

Study: Major in chemistry and bioinformatics

High School Experience

Course choices

My academic interests were very broad; however, I was extremely interested in mathematics and science. I only took classes I genuinely wanted to take. Those classes happened to be the AP courses at my school.


I took multiple AP courses: Chemistry, World History, Calculus, U.S. Government and Politics, Language and Composition, and Biology. I earned a college credit for each of those courses.


4.2 weighted

Standardized Testing

I scored above 1500 on the SAT, with a score of 800 in both the chemistry and math 2 subject tests.


My extracurricular interests involved all of the areas my school didn’t provide courses for. I was an intern at my local zoo and aquarium, and I also volunteered at local museums. I volunteered at local hospitals and my previous schools as well. At school I was a part of clubs like Mu Alpha Theta and Beta; both of which I held leadership positions in. My extracurriculars were all out of school because my passions lie there.


I developed strong relationships with my teachers.


I had a personal narrative to my essay. It was about my family.


I was a strong applicant because of my commitment to knowledge and the breadth it produces. Additionally, my perspective is not that of the average student, and I’m dedicated to having multiple impacts on those around me whether those impacts come willingly or unwillingly.


Work hard, and don’t stress. I didn’t stress in high school. I gave my best at all times, and I was always satisfied with it. Eventually you will reap the hard work. Also, remember it may not come in the form you want it to. You may not end up where you want to go, but that’s ok.




Brown was my first choice, and I’m so glad that I’m able to attend! I chose Brown because Brown values learning for the individual. I’m going to Brown because learning was never a competition for me; it’s my passion. Moreover, undergraduates are the priority at Brown. I’m going to a school that specializes in making the most of the undergraduate experience. I chose Brown because it reflected me as a person, and I felt at home the entire time I visited.


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