• Nora Sun

Tags: UC Berkeley, first generation, low income

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Study: Major in psychology with premed and a minor in public health

High School Experience

When it comes to my high school experience I will say that it was overall amazing. Although I live in Oakland and had a little bit of resources because my school is tiny, I made the best out of it by researching different programs and opportunities that came up to me in order to gain some experience. Something I didn’t really like was the fact that many teachers would leave and we had first year teachers meaning class curriculums would be weak and they would be destructive classrooms all the time.

Course choices

My personal academic entries has always been math because it was challenging but fun at the same time personally. I think that because every time I would struggle in it it helped me push myself to keep going and once I got a certain issue that I face it felt amazing to understand it and use it in the long run. The way I navigate myself by going to office hours and asking my teachers for help because my school is very small and it’s a strong community and strong communication overall.


My school only has two AP classes and I took both of them my junior year. I took English language and composition and I took AP US History.


3.8 unweighted

Standardized Testing

SAT: 950

ACT: 19


My favorite extracurricular activity has always been art but I never surprisingly took in our class in high school. I was very involved with my school. On the other hand I was a part of gender and sexuality at a Lions Club. I was also part of a Latin X club. I was also ASB president for two years and I was president of basically every club I would join. I was also part of a Panthers go to college club which basically meant students were able to visit colleges around the country. And outside of school I would go to coding programs and medical programs.


My relationship with all my teachers were pretty strong. I think we had a strong sense of communication and understanding. They saw how we struggled and understood that many of us need the extra support and they never hesitated to give a helping hand. So overall my connection with teachers was strong.


When it came to how I wrote my college essays I think that’s what you’re referring to. I would talk about experiences I dealt with that made a huge impact with my personality. For example for one of my essays I talked about being gay for another essay I talked about being Hispanic and then for another essay I talked about how my family has struggled financially and lastly I talked about how I really loved art and how I could express my emotional side and emotions I’ve suppressed for years through my heart.


I think what made me a very strong applicant was the fact that I have motivation and I have thrive to learn and I think I really demonstrate that. Although I would like to see my grades demonstrate that I don’t think it’s worth truly making who I am. Even though I had straight A’s and was a 4.0 student at one point it’s not who I am completely and I think my essay really demonstrated the part of my personality that grades can’t demonstrate. So yeah that’s what makes me a song applicant I’m very strong minded and I have thrived to learn.


I would give others the opportunity to never give up and to take every opportunity with an open mind. Once again because my school didn’t have many resources every opportunity that came up I would take it even if I knew I wasn’t going to necessarily like it. For example I did a computer science program for three years and although I’m not doing computer science in college because I’m doing psychology I really enjoyed it and you know you gain experience with a different skill you might not know you had and you overall get to network and meet new people. So overall I would tell people to take every opportunity with an open mind. Also to love yourself and to take time for your mentality because that’s also very important.


I am a first generation, I am Hispanic, I’m gay, and I am low income.


I chose this college because honestly Berkeley is Berkeley and it’s a really good school. Also they offer amazing programs and resources for psychology majors and pre-health majors

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