• Nora Sun

Tags: Georgetown

Institution: Georgetown University

Study: Major in global health

High School Experience

Overall, I really liked high school! It was never too stressful for me thankfully, and I genuinely enjoyed a majority of the subjects I was learning. The only parts I didn't like were more social and had to do with friendships.

Course choices

My biggest academic interest was science (specifically bio and chem). I was in the STEM biomedical program at my school which followed PLTW and I made sure to take AP Bio and AP Chem.


I took a total of 9 AP courses. I got a 5 on APUSH, AP Lang, and AP Calc BC. 4 on Macro, Bio, Chem and 3 on Micro and I just took the AP Gov test senior year.


3.9 unweighted, 4.65 weighted

Standardized Testing


I focused on leadership clubs and community service. I was in Student Council (3 years), NHS (2 years) and I also played Lacrosse (2 years)/Field Hockey (1 year). I did a foreign exchange the summer after my junior year which lasted 3 weeks to Brazil.


Honestly, I chose the teachers who I felt like I connected with the most in class, but I don't think we had any type of extra special relationship. They were teachers who saw how hard I worked and how I cared about the content. I made sure to visit them and let them know I loved being in their class. My counselor also sent in a recommendation and she probably had a better idea of my goals and who I am as we spent hours planning my schedule together.


I tried to focus on a theme of social justice as that's what's most important to me in my future. There wasn't an inherent or obvious theme but it was something I felt was important to who I am.


I think my test scores and my grades were probably the strongest part of my application. Also my honesty/transparency when it came to things such as interviews.


My only advice is that caring about things is cool! Don't let anyone make you feel like you're not good enough to do something you care about or that you're lame for caring about it in the first place. One of my biggest mistakes in high school was thinking I was too cool for extracurriculars.




My first choice; I loved the energy of the city and their Global Health program is hard to beat


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