• Nora Sun

Tags: Duke, low income, first generation

Institution: Duke University

Study: Major in electrical/computer engineering and computer science

High School Experience

I experienced a decent high school experience. A tight circle of friends who were both reliable and smart, and I was decently known throughout the school.

Course choices

I loved math so I took a lot of classes with lots of math like physics, chem, calc, stats and all the math classes before calc.


AP Stats: unknown

AP Physics: unknown

AP Calc: unknown

AP Literature: unknown

AP Language: 5

AP Psych: 4

AP Human Geo: 5

AP Chem: 2

AP US History: 3


4.37 weighted

Standardized Testing

I took 2 SATs in which I got 1280 and then 1420. I also took the ACT twice and got a 30 and 32 which super scored to a 34.


I had a lot of ECs, to name a few are soccer, tennis, ModelUN, Mu Alpha Theta, beta club, Ledford entrepreneurship club, I was a part time butcher, community service and my own business, Greenbox.


My relationship with my teachers were great, I had a very good connection to both as I had one for 1.5 years and the other was my soccer coach and teacher for a year.


My narrative was my heritage/background.


Test scores, recommendation, and being first generation and Hispanic


Be dedicated, take every opportunity you can, write very good essays because when competing to get into good schools, the majority of them probably have equal, or better, stats and ECs. Developing a good essay will separate you from the rest.


First generation, low income, Hispanic


It was my first choice because it’s close to home and a top 10 university. Plus I have always been a Duke basketball fan since 1st grade.

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