• Nora Sun

Tags: Dartmouth

Institution: Dartmouth University

Study: Major in anthropology modified with global health on the premed track

High School Experience

I really liked the opportunity to fit my schedule to my interests rather than just taking classes that everyone had to. I also got really invested into clubs and liked being able to learn from those experiences as well as classes which ended up being a well rounded learning opportunity. I didn’t like how learning was often motivated by grades and how teachers sometimes incentivized accuracy over effort. I found that learning in classes that rewarded putting in the effort to try something new and then a classroom discussion on it ended up being way more helpful than trying to strive for accuracy all the time


I’ve generally been interested in the sciences, so I took AP Bio, AP Chem and AP Physics. I also wanted to make sure that my high school experience was well rounded so I took marketing classes all 4 years and did DECA with that which was a new way for me to learn skills applicable to what I want to end up learning and doing. I took AP calc and AP stats for math as well. I’ll leave a list of all I took below if that’s helpful, I generally did pretty well on they getting typically 4s and 5s. Freshman year: AP Euro, Sophomore year: AP Capstone Seminar, APUSH, AP Studio Art 2-D, Junior year: AP English Lang, AP Capstone research, AP Calc AB, AP Chemistry, AP Spanish Lang, AP Human Geo, Senior year: AP English Lit, AP stats, AP spanish lit, AP psych, AP physics, AP biology.


4.96 weighted, 4.0 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 35

SAT Math 2: 740

SAT Chemistry: 760


I was founder and president of the Red Cross Club, EIC of Chieftain newspaper, competed in DECA and was vice president of that, cofounder and vice president of Bring Change to Mind and participated in a few more here and there.


I felt like I knew my teachers well, and they knew me best as a student and would be able to speak to my work ethic the most.


I generally just wrote about personal growth in a metaphor of a hike.


I feel like I did thing during my high school career because I really was interested in them and not because I wanted it on my college app, something that is pretty obvious to an admissions officer.


I’d advise others to go for things they think they won’t be good at because the worst that can happen is someone says no. The easiest way to get rejected is to not apply.





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