• Nora Sun

Tags: Brown

Institution: Brown University

Study: Major in statistics or psychology

High School Experience

I went to a high school in which I didn’t really align perfectly. I don’t agree with most of my peers' political beliefs nor do I fit with the culture at my school. However, throughout my 4 years I was able to find a niche I fit into perfectly with people I get along with and agree with.

Course choices

I was not a STEM kid. I loved history courses, English, and other humanities. I knew I could take AP classes on that side but not the other.


I took AP world history, AP psychology, AP environmental science, AP language, AP literature, AP stats, AP government, and AP macroeconomics. I did alright in all of them. Not phenomenal in any besides maybe gov and psych. Usually averaged a high B in each of those.


3.9 unweighted

Standardized Testing

ACT: 33


I played lacrosse all 4 years and was a team captain for both junior and senior year. I was in on and off campus band and was in both concert band and jazz band on campus, all for 2 years. I did a leadership program called Encouraging Altruism in Teens for a year but it wasn’t the right fit. I helped with my school's feminism and earth clubs as well.


Teachers seemed to either love or hate me. The teachers I had who loved me were those that wrote my letters of recommendation. I also had a coach write one for me. He’s known me since I was in 3rd grade and is like a second father to me so I can only imagine the letter he wrote.


I mostly just made sure I was writing about things I was super passionate about. I didn’t have any major stories or developments in my childhood that warranted whole essays so I tried to write as many essays as possible on things I could talk for hours about on my own and what those things say about me as a person. For example I wrote a ton on my love for music and how it’s shaped me.


I think my essays saved me for every school I got into. I don’t have incredible grades, scores, or extracurriculars but I think I’m a very passionate and intense person and being able to write about the things I love really brought out the best in me.


When working towards college, shoot for the stars and work with wherever you land. If a class intrigues you but it seems hard, take it. If you don’t do great, chances are it won’t be the deciding factor of where you get into school. I got denied by almost every school I applied to but I ended up getting into an Ivy League school. I shot high and ended up with what I wanted.




At the time of application, this school was my second choice however I have grown to realize that it is a much better option for me than even my first choice school was.


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