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Study: Major in mathematics

High School Experience

High school was quite a rigorous experience but it has definitely left me feeling prepared for the outside world. More than anything, the people that I was able to surround myself with these past 4 years have deeply impacted my work ethic and character. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge delivered both by the curriculum and community in my high school but also felt the competition among students to be intense at times. Our school has a large variety of extracurriculars which allowed me to explore my interests, but there was an accompanying pressure from peers to be heavily involved in a large quantity of them, which was a difficult mentality to overcome.


I have always been interested in math and science. High School augmented my love for these areas while also introducing me to the beauty of the humanities. From art history to Russian Literature, many of these remain as deep interests of mine. Math, however, stuck out as it entirely defied my expectations of it as a formulaic construction of ideas. Through courses like AP Calculus BC and the Georgia Tech Dual Enrollment courses I took in Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Applied Combinatorics, and Differential Equations, I realized that math is far from formulaic. It is a dynamic, elegant field that captures the essence of creativity and makes it concrete. Besides these math courses, I took around 19 APs throughout high school in various subjects for which I scored a 5 on all the exams I took.


Standardized Testing

SAT: 1580

SAT Math II: 800

SAT Biology: 800


I was heavily involved in extracurriculars as president of my academic team which I had been a part of since freshman year, president of math team/Mu alpha theta for 2 years (part of organization for 4 years), President/founder of future problem solving club (4 years), Science Olympiad secretary for 2 years (involved 4 years), BETA, NHS, Founder/President of Georgia Association of Women in Science Youth Board (2 years), did academic research in epigenetics and analysis at Emory and Georgia tech respectively and various volunteer tutoring activities including a tutoring charity I started.


I had a very close relationship with the math teacher I got a recommendation from (also my academic team coach for 2 years). I loved talking to my lit teacher about anything and everything. I think she enjoyed our conversations/generally found me interesting. I wasn’t as close to my other recommender.


I wrote about knots in my common app and their significance to my artistic and mathematical explorations.


I think my research experience/international awards probably helped as well as my advocacy efforts for women in science.


Be unique/yourself! Don’t worry about putting the cookie cutter things that ppl say look good on apps. Put what makes you special and stand out/what YOU think is the most important aspects of yourself.





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